Encaustic Art and Cold Wax Medium Art

Two different art forms, both using beeswax, both sharing some application techniques, tools, and supplies, but distinct from each other by the use of heat.

Encaustic Medium is made with Beswax and a hardener. It is solid at room temperature and requires heat to apply and to fuse layers.

Cold Wax Medium is made with Beeswax with or without a hardener, in an organic solvent. It is a paste at room temperature and DOES NOT require heat to apply and does not require fusing of layers.

Both mediums are gaining momentum and with their capability of translucency, breadth of textures, enticing tactile quality, and how accommodating they are for mixed media, it’s no wonder.

My website is designed to provide the beginner or established artist with the supplies needed for both art forms. Mediums, paints, tools, and in particular floater frames, the most suitable way to display a wax painting on a rigid birch board.

Feel free to inquire about products and let me know if you are looking for something not on the website. I’m here to help.




Satisfy your artistic needs with our great variety of Encaustic, and Cold Wax Medium supplies which you can order online from anywhere in Australia. Everything you need to get you started and stocked up.

We make Professional 5ply Birch Boards and Floater frames on site and also stock the popular ready-made 3ply boards, including round ones.

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We have developed two unique, easy to use frame designs for your painting.
We build our floater frames right here on site, custom made as the orders come in.
Our unique frames include a first-of-its-kind frame and cradled board combination Set, as well our Platform frame, which ends the difficulty of trying to frame an uncradled panel.
Sets - Our custom-built combination of a floater frame with a cradled board is convenient, durable, and very affordable. All you have to do is unscrew the cradled board from its frame. When you have completed your painting simply replace the board within the frame and reattach the screws.
Platform frames - provide a 'floating' panel that allows you to glue your uncradled or unbraced panel onto. They can be used not only for mounting encaustic pieces, but also for tiles, mosaics, hard backed canvas panels, the list goes on!
Frames come with all of the hardware needed to wire and hang.

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Perouse the materials and tools of the exciting mediums of Encaustics and Cold wax.

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Boards & Panels

We provide a range of panels and cradled boards for a variety of demands. Our popular and Professional 5ply birch panels and cradled boards made here in Australia in any size you desire. The largest we can make at the moment is 1.2 x 2.4meters. We also stock 3ply economy packs and individual boards including round ones.
These 3ply ready-made economy boards are perfect for immediate needs whereas the 5ply professional boards are built to order and require a turn around time of anything from two days to two weeks depending on size and workload.
We also stock Ampersand™ encausticbords.

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Encaustic and Cold Wax Medium Art Supplies for Australia


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If you're anything like me you're probably here because you love Encaustic Art. The aroma of bees wax, translucent layers, the myriad of techniques available, couple all that with imagination and the possibilities are endless.

Want to source the basic materials, art boards, wax, beeswax beads, ground, pigments, AND framing, all in one place? At your fingertips? That's why I started this small Australian family business.

Take a look at our first-of-their-kind combination Board and Frame Sets - convenient and affordable. Check out our Platform Frame- takes the headache out of framing uncradled boards.

Feel free to browse our current products and keep checking in from time to time to see some new additions to our range. For any queries please contact Mirella, at info@encausticsupplies.com.au