It was during an Encaustic workshop I attended in 2013 in Blue Mountains NSW, instructed by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch that I first thought of creating an online shop to proclaim my husband Ray’s, concept of framing rigid panels and boards. The preferred method for framing wax paintings is with a floater frame which negates the necessity of edge contact on the front and sides of paintings. This allows the wax to ‘breath’, to be open and thus allow cloth cleaning of ‘bloom’ (a natural quality of beeswax ), and to allow space for any textural edges that one often chooses to be an aesthetic and integral part of the painting. Class discussion revealed how difficult and expensive it was to obtain custom framing for rigid substrates, so this spurred me on to start selling Ray’s creations – The Set, and The Platform Frame. One thing led to another and now I enjoy stocking not just these frames but pretty much all the paraphernalia needed for encaustic, and cold wax medium art making.

I personally pack every order with extreme care and send it your home anywhere in Australia. Need advise? Just call me, I’m happy to help.