Quality Art Frames

At Encaustic Art Supplies AU, we believe that a great quality floater frame completes your painting, as well as protecting it. That is why we developed two unique, easy to use floater frame designs. One is our cradled board with a floater frame, called ‘The Set.‘ The other is what we call the ‘Platform Frame‘, to frame¬†your panels. It ends the difficulty of trying to frame an uncradled panel. We build our floater frames right here on site as you order and deliver Australia wide.


Our custom built combination art frames and cradled boards, - (Sets), are convenient, durable, and very affordable. All you have to do is unscrew the cradled board from its frame. When you are ready to frame your piece you simply replace the board in its original position and reattach the screws.

Our sets come in a range of colours, to choose from: Black, Dark Brown, Clear Lacquer, Raw Wood, Lime Wash, White

Platform Art Frames

Our Platform Art Frames provide a 'floating' panel that allows you to mount your uncradled or unbraced piece onto. They can be used not only for mounting encaustic pieces, but also for tiles, mosaics, hard backed canvas boards, the list goes on!

Frames available in Black, Dark Brown, Clear Lacquer, Raw Wood, Lime Wash, White

We are a supplier of high quality floater frames which are unique in design and come with all of the hardware to ensure you have the perfect custom built solution.